jarvisPatrick_c: Jarvis Patrick Clustering in C code

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This not meant to be used directly, use jarvisPatrick instead. It is exposed so other libraries can make use of it.


jarvisPatrick_c(neighbors,minNbrs,fast=TRUE,bothDirections=FALSE,linkage = "single")



A matrix of integers. Non integer matricies will be coerced. Each row represensts one element, indexed 1 to N. The values in row i should be the index value of the neighbors of i. Thus, each value should itself be a valid row index.


The minimum number of common neibhbors needed for two elements to be merged.


If true, only the neibhors given in each row are checked to see if they share minNbrs neighbors in common. If false, all pairs of elements are compared. For a matrix of size NxM, the first method yeilds a running time of O(NM), while the second yeilds a running time of O(N^2).


If true, two elements must contain each other in their neighbor list in order to be merged. If false and fast is true, then only one element must contain the other as a neighbor. If false and fast is false, than neither element must contain the other as a neighbor, though in all cases there must still be at least minNbrs neibhros in common.


See jarvisPatrick for details.


A cluster array with no names.


Kevin Horan

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