Man pages for Clonality
Clonality testing

ave.adj.probesAveraging of adjacent probes in copy number arrays
chromosomePlotsPer-chromosome plots of the copy number arrays from a...
clonality.analysisClonality testing using copy number data
Clonality-internalInternal Clonality functions
Clonality-packageClonality testing
ECMtestingClonality testing of >=3 tumors using Extended Concordant...
genomewidePlotsPlot of the genomewide copy number profiles of a pair of...
grid.likAuxiliary function: Grid of conditional probabilities
histogramPlotHistrograms of Log-Likelihood Ratios
lcisBreast cancer data
LOHclonalityClonality testing using LOH (Loss of Heterozygosity) profiles
LRtesting3or4tumorsClonality testing of 3 or 4 tumors using Likelihood model...
model.likAuxiliary likelihood Function
mutation.probaProbability of being clonal
mutation.remEstimation of the random-effect model for clonality based on...
print.mutation.probaPrint for the mutation.proba function
print.mutation.remPrint for the mutation.rem function
SNVtestTesting relatedness (clonality) of two tumors from the same...
splitChromosomesChromosome splitting
xidensAuxiliary function computing the density of xi
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