Man pages for DEWSeq
Differential Expressed Windows Based on Negative Binomial Distribution

DESeqDataSetFromSlidingWindowscreate DESeq data object
dot-readAnnotationread annotation data
extractRegionsextract significant regions
resultsDEWSeqextract DEWseq results
slbpDdsENCODE eCLIP data SLBP in K562
SLBP_K562_w50s20ENCODE eCLIP data for SLBP in K562, low count filtered
slbpRegionsENCODE eCLIP data SLBP in K562
slbpVstENCODE eCLIP data SLBP in K562
slbpWindowsENCODE eCLIP data SLBP in K562
toBEDwindows/regions to BED
topWindowStatsstats for the top windows in each region
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