Man pages for GUIDEseq
GUIDE-seq analysis pipeline

annotateOffTargetsAnnotate offtargets with gene name
combineOfftargetsCombine Offtargets
createBarcodeFastaCreate barcode as fasta file format for building bowtie1...
getPeaksObtain peaks from GUIDE-seq
getUniqueCleavageEventsUsing UMI sequence to obtain the starting sequence library
getUsedBarcodesCreate barcodes from the p5 and p7 index used for each...
GUIDEseqAnalysisAnalysis pipeline for GUIDE-seq dataset
GUIDEseq-packageAnalysis of GUIDE-seq
mergePlusMinusPeaksMerge peaks from plus strand and minus strand
offTargetAnalysisOfPeakRegionsOfftarget Analysis of GUIDE-seq peaks
peaks.grexample cleavage sites
uniqueCleavageEventsexample unique cleavage sites
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