Defines functions pedigreeDeleteDuplicates

Documented in pedigreeDeleteDuplicates

##Deleting duplicates in pedigrees
#  input pedigree dataframe pedigree, input dataframe identifying duplicates
#  where duplicates is dataframe with duplicates$family (family id) and duplicates$individ (individual id)
#  (there could be other columns)
#  duplicates could be the output from ident.dups
pedigreeDeleteDuplicates <- function(pedigree, duplicates) 
	for (i in 1:dim(duplicates)[1]) 
		sel<- is.element(pedigree$family,   duplicates$family[i]) & 
		      is.element(pedigree$individ,  duplicates$individ[i])
		rst<- row.names( pedigree[sel , ])
		dr<- c(dr,rst[2:length(rst)])  
	out<-pedigree[ !is.element(row.names(pedigree),dr), ]

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