GeneOverlap: Test and visualize gene overlaps

Test two sets of gene lists and visualize the results.

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AuthorLi Shen, Mount Sinai <>
Bioconductor views MultipleComparison Visualization
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerLi Shen, Mount Sinai <>

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[ Man page
drawHeatmap Man page
drawHeatmap,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
GeneOverlap-class Man page
GeneOverlapMatrix-class Man page
[,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
GeneOverlap-package Man page
getContbl Man page
getContbl,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getGenomeSize Man page
getGenomeSize,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getGsetA Man page
getGsetA,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
getGsetB Man page
getGsetB,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
getIntersection Man page
getIntersection,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getJaccard Man page
getJaccard,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getListA Man page
getListA,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getListB Man page
getListB,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getMatrix Man page
getMatrix,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
getNestedList Man page
getNestedList,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
getOddsRatio Man page
getOddsRatio,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getPval Man page
getPval,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getSelfCompare Man page
getSelfCompare,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
getTested Man page
getTested,GeneOverlap-method Man page
getUnion Man page
getUnion,GeneOverlap-method Man page
gs.RNASeq Man page
hESC.ChIPSeq.list Man page
hESC.RNASeq.list Man page
newGeneOverlap Man page
newGOM Man page
print,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
print,GeneOverlap-method Man page
setGenomeSize<- Man page
setGenomeSize<-,GeneOverlap-method Man page
setListA<- Man page
setListA<-,GeneOverlap-method Man page
setListB<- Man page
setListB<-,GeneOverlap-method Man page
show,GeneOverlapMatrix-method Man page
show,GeneOverlap-method Man page
testGeneOverlap Man page
testGeneOverlap,GeneOverlap-method Man page

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