Man pages for GeneOverlap
Test and visualize gene overlaps

drawHeatmapVisualize GeneOverlapMatrix objects as heatmaps
GeneOverlapTest overlap between two gene lists using Fisher's exact...
GeneOverlapMatrixMatrix representation of the pairwise overlaps between two...
GeneOverlap-packageTest and visualize overlaps between gene lists
getGenomeSizeAccessors for the "genome.size" slot of the GeneOverlap class
getListAccessors for the "listA" and "listB" slots of GeneOverlap...
getReadonlyRead-only accessors for the "intersection", "union",...
getReadonlyMatrixRead-only accessors for the various slots of the...
gs.RNASeqGenome size based on RNA-seq data
hESC.ChIPSeq.listChIP-seq gene lists
hESC.RNASeq.listRNA-seq gene lists
newGeneOverlapConstructor for the GeneOverlap class
newGOMConstructor for the GeneOverlapMatrix class
testGeneOverlapTest function for the GeneOverlap class
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