Man pages for GeneticsPed
Pedigree and genetic relationship functions

checkCheck consistency of data in pedigree
datasetsPedigree and data examples
extendExtend pedigree
familyFind families (lines) in the pedigree
founderFounder and non-founder individuals in the pedigree
geneContributionGene contribution or proportion of genes in pedigree by...
generatePedigreeGenerate Pedigree example
generationCalculate generation value
gpiGenotype probability index
gpiUtilUtility functions for gpi()
inbreedingInbreeding coefficient
model.matrixModel matrix for individuals with and without records
nIndividualNumber of individuals in a pedigree
prunePrune pedigree
relationshipAdditiveAdditive relationship matrix and its inverse
removeIndividualRemove individual from pedigree
sort.pedigreeSort pedigree
summary.pedigreePedigree summary
TDTGene and gamete flow matrices
undocumentedUndocumented functions
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