Man pages for HCABrowser
Browse the Human Cell Atlas data portal

activateActivate files or bundles of HCABrowser Object
fieldsList supported fields of an HCABrowser object
filter.HCABrowserFilter HCABrowser objects
hca-api-methodsHCA API methods
HCABrowserThe HCABrowser Class
HCABrowser-classThe HCABrowser Class
nextResultsNext Results
per_pageSet per_page argument of an HCABrowser object
pullBundlesObtain bundle fqids from a HCABrowser object
pullFilesObtain file uuids from a HCABrowser object
resetEsQueryReset the query of a HCABrowser object to the default query
resultsObtain search results from a HCABrowser Object
results-SearchResult-methodGet results of SearchResult object
select.HCABrowserSelect fields from a HCABrowser object
showBundlesObtain all bundles from an hca object using there bundle...
show-HCABrowser-methodShow HCABrowser object
show-SearchResult-methodShow Search Result
undoEsQueryUndo previous filter queries on a HCABrowser object
values-HCABrowser-methodList all values for certain fields
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