Man pages for HIPPO
Heterogeneity-Induced Pre-Processing tOol

ensg_hgncA reference data frame that matches ENSG IDs to HGNC symbols
get_data_from_sceAccess data from SCE object
get_hippoAccess hippo object from SingleCellExperiment object.
get_hippo_diffexpReturn hippo_diffexp object
hippoHIPPO's hierarchical clustering
hippo_diagnostic_plotConduct feature selection by computing test statistics for...
hippo_diffexpHIPPO's differential expression
hippo_dimension_reductioncompute t-SNE or umap of each round of HIPPO
hippo_feature_heatmapHIPPO's feature heatmap
hippo_pca_plotvisualize each round of hippo through t-SNE
hippo_tsne_plotvisualize each round of hippo through t-SNE
hippo_umap_plotvisualize each round of hippo through UMAP
nb_prob_zeroExpected zero proportion under Negative Binomial
pipere-export magrittr pipe operator
pois_prob_zeroExpected zero proportion under Poisson
preprocess_heterogeneousPreprocess UMI data without cell label so that each row...
preprocess_homogeneousPreprocess UMI data with inferred or known labels
toydataA sample single cell sequencing data subsetted from Zheng2017
zero_proportion_plotvisualize each round of hippo through zero proportion plot
zinb_prob_zeroExpected zero proportion under Negative Binomial
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