Man pages for HilbertCurve
Making 2D Hilbert Curve

default_overlayDefault color overlay for adding new layers
GenomicHilbertCurveInitialize a Hilbert curve specifically for genomic data
GenomicHilbertCurve-classThe GenomicHilbertCurve class
hc_centered_text-HilbertCurve-methodAdd text to the center of the block
hc_layer-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_layer
hc_layer-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd a new layer to the Hilbert curve
hc_layer-HilbertCurve-methodAdd a new layer to the Hilbert curve
hc_level-HilbertCurve-methodLevel of the Hilbert curve
hc_map-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodDraw a map which represents positions of different...
hc_normal_points-HilbertCurve-methodAdd points to the Hilbert curve
hc_offset-HilbertCurve-methodAdjust positions
hc_png-HilbertCurve-methodSave Hilbert curve as a PNG figure
hc_points-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_points
hc_points-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd points to the Hilbert curve
hc_points-HilbertCurve-methodAdd points to the Hilbert curve
hc_polygon-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_polygon
hc_polygon-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd text to Hilbert curve
hc_polygon-HilbertCurve-methodAdd polygons to Hilbert curve
hc_rect-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_rect
hc_rect-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd rectangles on Hilbert curve
hc_rect-HilbertCurve-methodAdd rectangles on Hilbert curve
hc_segmented_points-HilbertCurve-methodAdd points to the Hilbert curve
hc_segments-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_segments
hc_segments-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd line segments to Hilbert curve
hc_segments-HilbertCurve-methodAdd line segments to Hilbert curve
hc_text-dispatchMethod dispatch page for hc_text
hc_text-GenomicHilbertCurve-methodAdd text to Hilbert curve
hc_text-HilbertCurve-methodAdd text to Hilbert curve
HilbertCurveInitialize a Hilbert curve
HilbertCurve-classThe HilbertCurve class
is_whiteWhether the color is white
show-HilbertCurve-methodPrint the HilbertCurve object
unzoom-HilbertCurve-methodTransform zoomed positions to their original values
zoom-HilbertCurve-methodZoom original positions
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