JunctionSeq: JunctionSeq: A Utility for Detection of Differential Exon and Splice-Junction Usage in RNA-Seq data

A Utility for Detection and Visualization of Differential Exon or Splice-Junction Usage in RNA-Seq data.

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AuthorStephen Hartley [aut, cre] (PhD), Simon Anders [cph], Alejandro Reyes [cph]
Bioconductor views DifferentialExpression RNASeq Sequencing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerStephen Hartley <JunctionSeq-contact@list.nih.gov>
Licensefile LICENSE

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buildAllPlots Man page
buildAllPlotsForGene Man page
defaultColorList Man page
estimateEffectSizes Man page
estimateJunctionSeqDispersions Man page
estimateJunctionSeqSizeFactors Man page
fitJunctionSeqDispersionFunction Man page
junctionSeqColors Man page
JunctionSeqCountSet Man page
JunctionSeqCountSet-class Man page
plotDispEsts Man page
plotJunctionSeqResultsForGene Man page
plotMA Man page
readAnnotationData Man page
readJunctionSeqCounts Man page
runJunctionSeqAnalyses Man page
testForDiffUsage Man page
writeCompleteResults Man page
writeExprBedTrack Man page
writeSigBedTrack Man page
writeSizeFactors Man page

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