Man pages for JunctionSeq
JunctionSeq: A Utility for Detection of Differential Exon and Splice-Junction Usage in RNA-Seq data

buildAllPlotsCreate and save a full battery of JunctionSeq expression...
buildAllPlotsForGeneCreate and save one or more JunctionSeq expression plots.
defaultColorListJunctionSeq Color Parameters
estimateEffectSizesEstimate Effect Sizes, parameter estimates, etc.
estimateJunctionSeqDispersionsJunctionSeq Dispersion Estimation
estimateJunctionSeqSizeFactorsEstimate Size Factors
fitJunctionSeqDispersionFunctionFit Shared Dispersion Function
JunctionSeqCountSet-classClass '"JunctionSeqCountSet"'
plotDispEstsPlot Fitted and Test-wise Dispersion
plotJunctionSeqResultsForGeneGenerate a JunctionSeq expression plot.
plotMAGenerate a MA-Plot
readAnnotationDataRead junctionSeq annotation files produced by QoRTs.
readJunctionSeqCountsRead junctionSeq count files
runJunctionSeqAnalysesRun a JunctionSeq analysis.
setJunctionSeqCompiledSourcePackageSet the source of the internal compiled C++ binaries.
testForDiffUsageTest Junctions for Differential Junction Usage
writeBedTrackWrite splice junction browser tracks
writeCompleteResultsProduce output data files, given annotation files and DEXSeq...
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