Man pages for LVSmiRNA
LVS normalization for Agilent miRNA data

boxplot-methodsMethods for Function boxplot
estVCRobust Linear Model to Estimate Residual Variance and Array...
exprs_assign-methods~~ Methods for Function exprs<- in Package 'Biobase' ~~
exprs-methodsMethods for Function exprs
featureNames-methodMethods for Function featureNames
lvsLeast Variant Set selection and Normalization Function(s)
MIR-spike-inData example
plotRAPlot of Residual Variance and Array Effect
preproc_assign-methodsMethods for Function preproc
preproc-methodsMethods for Function preproc
probeNames-methodsMethods for Function probeNames
read.mirRead in miRNA Data from Agilent Feature Extractiion Output...
RLMRobust Fitting of Linear Models
rlmFitFitter Functions for Robust Linear Models
sampleNames-methodsMethods for Function sampleNames
summarizeLVSmiRNA Summarization Function(s) for microRNA Microarray
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