Man pages for Linnorm
Linear model and normality based normalization and transformation method (Linnorm)

Islam2011scRNA-seq data from Islam et al. 2011
LIHCPartial RNA-seq data from TCGA LIHC (Liver Hepatocellular...
LinearRegressionOne Pass Linear Regression.
LinearRegressionFPOne Pass Linear Regression with fixed point.
LinnormLinnorm Normalizing Transformation Function
Linnorm.CorLinnorm-gene correlation network analysis.
Linnorm.DataImputLinnorm Data Imputation Function. (In development)
Linnorm.HClustLinnorm-hierarchical clustering analysis.
Linnorm.HVarLinnorm-Hvar pipeline for highly variable gene discovery.
Linnorm.limmaLinnorm-limma pipeline for Differentially Expression Analysis
Linnorm.NormLinnorm Normalization Function
Linnorm.PCALinnorm-PCA Clustering pipeline for subpopulation Analysis
Linnorm.SGenesLinnorm model stable gene selection tool.
Linnorm.tSNELinnorm t-SNE Clustering pipeline for subpopulation Analysis
RnaXSimThis function simulates an RNA-seq dataset based on a given...
SEQCPartial RNA-seq data from SEQC/MAQC-III Sample A
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