Man pages for MCbiclust
Massive correlating biclusters for gene expression data and associated methods

CCLE_samplesClinical information for CCLE data
CCLE_smallSubset of expression levels of CCLE data
CorScoreCalcCalculate correlation score
CVEvalMethod for the calculation of a correlation vector
CVPlotMake correlation vector plot
FindSeedFind highly correlated seed of samples for gene expression...
GOEnrichmentAnalysisCalculate gene set enrichment of correlation vector using...
HclustGenesHiCorFind the most highly correlated genes using hierarchical...
MCbiclustMCbiclust: Massively Correlated biclustering
Mitochondrial_genesList of known mitochondrial genes
PC1VecFunCalculate PC1 vector of found pattern
PointScoreCalcCalculate PointScore
SampleSortMethods for ordering samples
SilhouetteClustGroupsSlihouette validation of correlation vector clusters
ThresholdBicMethods for defining a bicluster
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