Man pages for MLInterfaces
Uniform interfaces to R machine learning procedures for data in Bioconductor containers

balKfold.xvspecgenerate a partition function for cross-validation, where the...
classifierOutput-classClass "classifierOutput"
clusteringOutput-classcontainer for clustering outputs in uniform structure
confuMat-methodsCompute the confusion matrix for a classifier.
confuTabCompute confusion tables for a confusion matrix.
fs.absTsupport for feature selection in cross-validation
fsHistoryextract history of feature selection for a cross-validated...
hclustWidgetshiny-oriented GUI for cluster or classifier exploration
learnerSchema-classClass "learnerSchema" - convey information on a machine...
MLearn-newrevised MLearn interface for machine learning
MLIntInternalsMLInterfaces infrastructure
performance-analyticsAssessing classifier performance
planarPlot-methodsMethods for Function planarPlot in Package 'MLInterfaces'
plspinHcubeshiny app for interactive 3D visualization of mlbench...
predict.classifierOutputPredict method for 'classifierOutput' objects
projectedLearner-classClass '"projectedLearner"'
projectLearnerToGridcreate learned tesselation of feature space after PC...
RABreal adaboost (Friedman et al)
raboostCont-classClass "raboostCont" ~~~
varImpStruct-classClass "varImpStruct" - collect data on variable importance...
xvalLoopCross-validation in clustered computing environments
xvalSpeccontainer for information specifying a cross-validated...
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