Man pages for MSstatsPTM
Statistical Characterization of Post-translational Modifications

adjustProteinLevelAdjust differential analysis result with respect to protein...
annotSiteAnnotate modification site
estimateAbundanceEstimate log2-abundances of PTM sites or proteins
extractMeanDiffCompare mean abundances for PTM sites (or proteins) across...
fitLinearModelFit linear model
fixedGroupLinear model with group effect
fixedGroupBatchLinear model with group and batch effects
locateModLocate modified sites with a peptide
MSstatsPTMMSstatsPTM: A package for statistical characterization of...
PTMcompareMeansCompare mean abundances for all PTM sites across conditions
PTMestimateEstimate log2-abundances of PTM sites and proteins
PTMlocateAnnotate modified sites with associated peptides
PTMnormalizeNormalization of log2-intensities across MS runs
PTMsimulateExperimentSimulate PTM quantification experiments
PTMsummarizeSite-level summarization
simulatePeaksSimulate peak log2-intensities
simulateSitesSimulate peak log-intensities for PTM sites
simulateSummarizationSimulate site-level summarization for PTM experiment
summarizeFeaturesSummarization for one site
tidyEstimatesExtract estimate of group effect
tidyFastaRead and tidy a FASTA file
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