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gAddDataMessage is a class to represent an add data message. Whenever a model needs to be added, a gAddDataMessage object is created and the handleMessage method is called to act on the message. gAddDataMessage inherits from the virtual class, gAddMessage.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("gAddDataMessage", ...). The initialize method for this class will be created in other packages that use this package (for example, the initialize method will be created in the iSNetwork and iSPlot packages).



the name of the model to be added


a list of information that contains the data to be added


the type of model to be added (for now, it may be a data.frame, ExpressionSet, or graph)


Class "gAddMessage", directly. Class "gModifyMessage", by class "gAddMessage". Class "gMessage", by class "gAddMessage".


No methods defined with class "gAddDataMessage" in the signature.


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

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