spreadView-class: Class "spreadView": A class to represent a spreadsheet view

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spreadView is a class to represent a view that is a spreadsheet. spreadView inherits from the virtual class, genView.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("spreadView", ...). The initialize method for this class will be created in other packages that use this package (for example, the initialize method will be created in the iSNetwork and iSPlot packages).



an object of class "GtkCList", i.e. the spreadsheet


a character string describing what data are shown in the view


an object of class "GtkWindow" that holds the view


a number that tells what number view this is (for example, the first view created will have winNum=1)


Class "genView", directly.



Sets the clist slot


Returns the clist slot

This class will also have a clickEvent method, which will be called whenever a user selects a row on the spreadsheet. This method will be defined in packages that use this package, such as iSPlot and iSNetwork.


Elizabeth Whalen

See Also

genView-class, plotView-class

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