MergeMaid: Merge Maid

The functions in this R extension are intended for cross-study comparison of gene expression array data. Required from the user is gene expression matrices, their corresponding gene-id vectors and other useful information, and they could be 'list','matrix', or 'ExpressionSet'. The main function is 'mergeExprs' which transforms the input objects into data in the merged format, such that common genes in different datasets can be easily found. And the function 'intcor' calculate the correlation coefficients. Other functions use the output from 'modelOutcome' to graphically display the results and cross-validate associations of gene expression data with survival.

AuthorXiaogang Zhong <> Leslie Cope <> Elizabeth Garrett <> Giovanni Parmigiani <>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerXiaogang Zhong <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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AverageDuplicates Man page
check Man page
check.length Man page
coeff Man page
coeff<- Man page
coeff<-,mergeCoeff-method Man page
coeff,mergeCoeff-method Man page
exprs<-,mergeExpressionSet,ANY-method Man page
exprs,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
geneNames Man page
geneNames<- Man page
geneNames<-,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
geneNames,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
geneStudy Man page
geneStudy<- Man page
geneStudy<-,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
geneStudy,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
hist Man page
hist,mergeCor-method Man page
intCor Man page
intcorDens Man page
intcorDens,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
intCor,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
integrative.cors Man page
integrative.cors,mergeCor-method Man page
intersection Man page
intersection,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
isna Man page
length,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
maxcors Man page
maxcors,mergeCor-method Man page
maxintcor Man page
mergeCoeff Man page
mergeCoeff Man page
mergeCoeff-class Man page
mergeCor Man page
mergeCor-class Man page
mergeData Man page
mergeExpressionSet Man page
mergeExpressionSet-class Man page
[,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
mergeExprs Man page
mergeget Man page
modelOutcome Man page
modelOutcome,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
names<-,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
names,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
notes,mergeCor-method Man page
notes<-,mergeExpressionSet,ANY-method Man page
notes,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
pairwise.cors Man page
pairwise.cors,mergeCor-method Man page
phenoData<-,mergeExpressionSet,ANY-method Man page
phenoData,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,list-method Man page
plot,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
sample1 Man page
sample2 Man page
sample3 Man page
show,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
stdcoeff Man page
stdcoeff<- Man page
stdcoeff<-,mergeCoeff-method Man page
stdcoeff,mergeCoeff-method Man page
subsetmES Man page
summary,mergeExpressionSet-method Man page
zscore Man page
zscore<- Man page
zscore<-,mergeCoeff-method Man page
zscore,mergeCoeff-method Man page


MergeMaid/man/class.mergeCoeff.Rd MergeMaid/man/class.mergeCor.Rd MergeMaid/man/class.mergeExpressionSet.Rd MergeMaid/man/intCor.Rd MergeMaid/man/intcorDens.Rd MergeMaid/man/intersection.Rd MergeMaid/man/mergeData.Rd MergeMaid/man/mergeExprs.Rd MergeMaid/man/modelOutcome.Rd

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