Man pages for MetaCyto
MetaCyto: A package for meta-analysis of cytometry data

autoCluster.batchCluster the preprocessed fcs files from different studies in...
clusterStatsDerive summary statistics for clusters
collectDataCollect and combine data from multiple csv files of the same...
densityPlotDraw density plot for each cell cluster.
fcsInfoParserOrganize fcs files in a study from ImmPort into panels
filterLabelsFilter cluster labels
findCutoffFind cutoff for a 1D distribution
flowHCCluster cytometry data using hierarchical clustering
flowSOM.MCCluster cytometry data using FlowSOM
glmAnalysisPerform generalized linear model analysis to estimate effect...
labelClusterLabel each cluster as "+" or "-" or neutral for each marker
labelSummaryMake a summary for the labels (cell populations) identified...
markerFinderFind markers in a flow frame object
metaAnalysisPerforms meta-analysis
nameUpdatorUsed to update marker names
panelSummarySummarize markers in panels.
plotGAPlot the result from the glmAnalysis function
preprocessingPreprocess fcs files from a single experiment
preprocessing.batchPreprocessing fcs files from different studies in batch.
sampleInfoParserCollect sample information for fcs files in a study from...
searchClusterSearch for clusters using pre-defined labels
searchCluster.batchSearch for clusters using pre-defined labels in cytometry...
set2FrameCombine cells in a flow set into a flow frame.
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