Man pages for MiPP
Misclassification Penalized Posterior Classification

colonGene expression data for colon cancer
cv.mipp.ruleFitting cross-validaion MiPP
get.mippChoosing a rule
get.mipp.ldaFitting LDA to compute MiPP
get.mipp.logisticFitting logistic model to compute MiPP
get.mipp.qdaFitting QDA to compute MiPP
get.mipp.svm.linearFitting SVM (linear) to compute MiPP
get.mipp.svm.rbfFitting SVM (RBF) to compute MiPP
leuk1Gene expression data for leukemia
leuk2Gene expression data for leukemia
leukemiaGene expression data for leukemia
linearkernel.decision.functionSVM (linear) kernel to compute MiPP
mippMiPP-based Classification
mipp.ruleComputing MiPP
mipp.seqMiPP-based Classification
quant.normalQuantile normalization
quant.normal2Quantile normalization
rbfkernel.decision.functionSVM (RBF) kernel to compute MiPP
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