Man pages for OCplus
Operating characteristics plus sample size and local fdr for microarray experiments

average.fdrAverage a two-dimensional local false discovery rate
DrawContourlinesDraw and label a set of pre-calculated isolines
EOCEstimated or empirical FDR, sensitivity, etc as a function of...
FDRCompute FDR for general scenarios
fdr1dCompute classical local false discovery rate
fdr2dCompute two-dimensional local false discovery rate
MAsim.smythSimulate two-sample microarray data
OCshowShow one ore several OC curves graphically
plot.fdr1d.resultPlot univariate local false discovery output
plot.fdr2d.resultPlotting the bivariate local false discovery results
plot.FDR.resultPlot the empirical FDR as a function of the cutoff level
samplesizeFDR as a function of sample size
smooth1dSmoothing a vector of counts
summary.fdr.resultDisplay functions for local fdr output
tMixtureFit a mixture of t-distributions
TOCTheoretical FDR and sensitivity as a function of cutoff level
tstatisticsCompute multiple parallel t-statistics
UndocumentedUndocumented functions
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