OrganismDbi: Software to enable the smooth interfacing of different database packages

The package enables a simple unified interface to several annotation packages each of which has its own schema by taking advantage of the fact that each of these packages implements a select methods.

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AuthorMarc Carlson, Herve Pages, Martin Morgan, Valerie Obenchain
Bioconductor views Annotation Infrastructure
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerBiocore Data Team <>

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asBED,MultiDb-method Man page
asGFF,MultiDb-method Man page
cdsBy,MultiDb-method Man page
cds,MultiDb-method Man page
class:MultiDb Man page
class:OrganismDb Man page
columns,MultiDb-method Man page
dbconn,MultiDb-method Man page
dbfile,MultiDb-method Man page
disjointExons,MultiDb-method Man page
distance,GenomicRanges,MultiDb-method Man page
exonsBy,MultiDb-method Man page
exons,MultiDb-method Man page
extractTranscriptSeqs,BSgenome-method Man page
extractUpstreamSeqs,MultiDb-method Man page
fiveUTRsByTranscript,MultiDb-method Man page
genes,MultiDb-method Man page
getTxDbIfAvailable Man page
getTxDbIfAvailable,MultiDb-method Man page
intronsByTranscript,MultiDb-method Man page
isActiveSeq<-,MultiDb-method Man page
isActiveSeq,MultiDb-method Man page
keys,MultiDb-method Man page
keytypes,MultiDb-method Man page
makeOrganismDbFromBiomart Man page
makeOrganismDbFromTxDb Man page
makeOrganismDbFromUCSC Man page
makeOrganismPackage Man page
mapIds,MultiDb-method Man page
mapToTranscripts,ANY,MultiDb-method Man page
metadata,MultiDb-method Man page
microRNAs,MultiDb-method Man page
MultiDb Man page
MultiDb-class Man page
OrganismDb Man page
OrganismDb-class Man page
promoters,MultiDb-method Man page
resources Man page
resources,MultiDb-method Man page
selectByRanges Man page
selectByRanges,MultiDb-method Man page
select,MultiDb-method Man page
selectRangesById Man page
selectRangesById,MultiDb-method Man page
seqinfo,MultiDb-method Man page
taxonomyId,MultiDb-method Man page
threeUTRsByTranscript,MultiDb-method Man page
transcriptsBy,MultiDb-method Man page
transcripts,MultiDb-method Man page
tRNAs,MultiDb-method Man page
TxDb Man page
TxDb<- Man page
TxDb<-,OrganismDb-method Man page
TxDb,OrganismDb-method Man page

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