Man pages for PAA
PAA (Protein Array Analyzer)

batchAdjustAdjust microarray data for batch effects.
batchFilterRemove differential features regarding array batches/lots.
batchFilter.anovaRemove features which are differential regarding microarray...
diffAnalysisDifferential analysis.
loadGPRImporting raw data from gpr files.
mMsMatrixCompute a reference minimum M statistic (n1 x n2)-matrix.
normalizeArraysNormalize microarray data.
plotArrayPlot ProtoArray expression intensities in the original...
plotFeaturesPlot intensities of features.
plotFeaturesHeatmapPlot feature intensities as a heatmap.
plotFeaturesHeatmap.2Alternative function to plot feature intensities as a...
plotMAPlotsCheck normalization results with MA plots.
plotNormMethodsCheck normalization results with boxplots.
preselectScore and preselect features.
printFeaturesPrint features into a table.
pvaluePlotDraw a p-value plot.
selectFeaturesSelect features using frequency-based or ensemble feature...
shuffleDataShuffles class labels to obtain random groups.
volcanoPlotDraw a volcano plot.
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