Man pages for POMA
User-friendly Workflow for Pre-processing and Statistical Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data

pipePipe operator
PomaBoxplotsClassical Boxplots
PomaClustCluster Analysis
PomaCorrCorrelation Analysis
PomaDensityDistribution Plot
PomaEDAAutomatic Exploratory Data Analysis PDF Report
PomaHeatmapClassical Heatmap
PomaImputeCollettion of Imputation Methods for Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaLassoLasso, Ridge and Elasticnet Regularized Generalized Linear...
PomaLimmaImplementation of limma R Package on Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaMSnSetClassConvert data frames to a MSnSet Object
PomaMultivariateMultivariate Statistical Methods for Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaNormCollection of Normalization Methods for Mass Spectrometry...
PomaOddsRatioLogistic Regression Model Odds Ratios
PomaOutliersRemove and Analyze Outliers
PomaRandForestClassification Random Forest for Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaRankProdRank Product/Rank Sum Analysis for Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaUnivariateUnivariate Statistical Methods for Mass Spectrometry Data
PomaVolcanoVolcano Plot
st000284Colorectal Cancer Detection Using Targeted Serum Metabolic...
st000336Targeted LC/MS of urine from boys with DMD and controls
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