PSICQUIC-package: Protemics Standard Initiative Common QUery InterfaCe

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This package provides a simple functional interface to the rich resources of the PSICQUIC, the HUPO Proteomics Standard Initiative (HUPO-PSI) project to offer programmatic access to molecular interaction databases.

There are two classes in the package: PSICQUIC provides the query interface via the interactions method, whose results are returned in a data.frame; and IDMapper adds gene symbol and entrez geneIDs to the PSICQUIC results data.frame, for easier interpretation and subsequent use.


Paul Shannon<>

References Aranda, Bruno, et al. "PSICQUIC and PSISCORE: accessing and scoring molecular interactions." Nature methods 8.7 (2011): 528-529.

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providers, interactions, rawQuery, addGeneInfo, IDMapper, interactionTypes, detectionMethods, speciesIDs

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