API for PubScore
Automatic calculation of literature relevance of genes

Global functions
.getSimulation_test Man page Source code
.query_pubmed Man page
PubScore-class Man page
all_counts Man page
extract_attribute_to_coordinates Source code
gene2pubmed_db Man page
getScore Man page
getScore,PubScore-method Man page
get_all_counts Man page
get_all_counts,PubScore-method Man page
get_edges_from_network_edgelist Source code
get_fruchterman_reingold_coordinates Source code
get_literature_score Man page Source code
get_sum_of_weights Source code
heatmapViz Man page
heatmapViz,PubScore-method Man page
hgcn_entrez_reference Man page
initialize,PubScore-method Man page
networkViz Man page
networkViz,PubScore-method Man page
plot_literature_graph Man page Source code
plot_literature_score Man page Source code
pubscore Man page Source code
set_all_counts<- Man page
set_all_counts<-,PubScore-method Man page
set_coordinate_types Source code
set_genes_to_label Source code
test_score Man page
test_score,PubScore-method Man page
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