Man pages for RBioinf

asSimpleVectorExample functions for the Chapter on Debugging
classList2GraphFunctions to produce graphs from S4 class definitions
computeClassLinearizationCompute the Class Linearization
printWithNumbersPrint a function with line numbers
randDNAA function to generate random DNA sequences.
RcalA function to print a calendar.
S4HelpA function to find help for S4 classes and generics
simplePVectA function to print a vector at the C level.
simpleRandA simple interface to C level random number generation.
simpleSortA simple interface to sorting routines in R
subClassNamesFunctions to return the names of either subclasses or...
superClassesReturn a list of super classes.
traceMethodsA function to turn on tracing for all methods of a S4 generic...
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