Man pages for RGalaxy
Make an R function available in the Galaxy web platform

addTwoNumbersAdd two numbers
addTwoNumbersWithTestAdd two numbers (with functional test)
anotherTestFunctionAdd two matrices
fooa foo function
functionToGalaxifyAdd two matrices
galaxyMake a function available in Galaxy
GalaxyClassesGalaxy Parameter Classes
GalaxyConfig-classClass '"GalaxyConfig"'
GalaxyInputFile-classClass '"GalaxyInputFile"'
GalaxyOutput-classClass '"GalaxyOutput"'
getFriendlyNameChange a camelCase name to a friendlier version
probeLookupGet the PFAM and SYMBOL names for a set of Affymetrix probe...
RserveConnection-classClass '"RserveConnection"'
runFunctionalTestRun the functional test associated with a function.
testFunctionWithGalaxySelectParamA variation on functionToGalaxify that takes a...
testFunctionWithSelectA variation on functionToGalaxify that takes a...
utilitiesSends informational, warning, and error messages to the user.
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