API for RaggedExperiment
Representation of Sparse Experiments and Assays Across Samples

Global functions
.assay_i Source code
.assays Source code
.bracketSubsetRE Source code
.colidx Source code
.dim Source code
.dimnames Source code
.mcols Source code
.rowRanges Source code
.rowidx Source code
.uranges Source code
.valid.RaggedExperiment Source code
.valid.RaggedExperiment.idx Source code
RaggedExperiment Man page Source code
RaggedExperiment-class Man page
RaggedExperiment-package Man page
[,RaggedExperiment,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
assay,RaggedExperiment,ANY-method Man page
assay,RaggedExperiment,missing-method Man page
assay-functions Man page
assayNames,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
assays,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
class:RaggedExperiment Man page
coerce,GRangesList,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
coerce,RaggedExperiment,GRangesList-method Man page
colData,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
colData<-,RaggedExperiment,DataFrame-method Man page
compactAssay Man page Source code
compactSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
dim,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
dimnames,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
dimnames<-,RaggedExperiment,list-method Man page
disjoinAssay Man page Source code
disjoinSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
length,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
mcols,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
mcols<-,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
overlapsAny,RaggedExperiment,Vector-method Man page
qreduceAssay Man page Source code
qreduceSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
rowData,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowData<-,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowRanges,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
rowRanges<-,RaggedExperiment,GRanges-method Man page
seqinfo,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
seqinfo<-,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
show,RaggedExperiment-method Man page
sparseAssay Man page Source code
sparseSummarizedExperiment Man page Source code
stopifnot_simplify_ok Source code
subsetByOverlaps,RaggedExperiment,Vector-method Man page
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