API for Rcade
R-based analysis of ChIP-seq And Differential Expression - a tool for integrating a count-based ChIP-seq analysis with differential expression summary data

Global functions
Rcade-class Man page
RcadeAnalysis Man page Source code
RcadeSTAT1 Man page
RcadeTrack-class Man page
checkTargets Source code
constructRcadeTable Man page Source code
countReads Man page Source code
cumsumbackwards Source code
defineBins Man page Source code
describeGR Source code
describeMx Source code
describeVec Source code
diffCountsBaySeq Man page Source code
expit Source code
exportRcade Man page
exportRcade,Rcade-method Man page
exportRcade-methods Man page
getBamChrs Source code
getChIP Man page
getChIP,Rcade-method Man page
getChIP<- Man page
getChIP<-,Rcade-method Man page
getDE Man page
getDE,Rcade-method Man page
getDE<- Man page
getDE<-,Rcade-method Man page
getRcade Man page
getRcade,Rcade-method Man page
getRcade<- Man page
getRcade<-,Rcade-method Man page
logit Source code
minFDR Source code
onAttach Source code
outputWriteFunction Source code
plotBB Man page
plotBB,Rcade-method Man page
plotBBB Man page
plotBBB,Rcade-method Man page
plotMM Man page
plotMM,Rcade-method Man page
plotPCA Man page
plotPCA,Rcade-method Man page
sanitizeDElookup Source code
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