Man pages for Rgraphviz
Provides plotting capabilities for R graph objects

AgEdge-classClass "AgEdge": A class to describe an edge for a Ragraph...
AgNode-classClass "AgNode": A class to describe a node for a Ragraph...
agopenA function to obtain a libgraph object
agopenSimpleA function to obtain a Ragraph object
AgTextLabel-classClass "AgTextLabel": Represents a graphviz text label
agwriteRead / write Ragraph objects
BezierCurve-classClass "BezierCurve": A class to describe a Bezier curve
boundingBox-classClass "boundingBox": A class to describe the bounding box of...
buildNodeListA function to build lists of node and edge objects
clusterData-methodsGet and set attributes for a cluster of an Ragraph object
getDefaultAttrsFunctions to generate and check global attribute lists
graphDataDefaults-methodsGet and set default attributes for an Ragraph
graphData-methodsGet and set attributes of an Ragraph object
graphLayoutA function to layout graph locations
GraphvizAttributesGraph Attributes for Rgraphviz
graphvizCapabilitiesList capabilities of Graphviz
GraphvizLayoutsGraphviz Layout Methods
graphvizVersionA function to determine graphviz library version
layoutGraphA function to compute layouts of graph objects
makeNodeAttrsmake a list of character vectors that can be used as a value...
pEdge-classClass "pEdge": A class to represent an edge
pieGlyphA function to plot pie graphs as a glyph
plot-methodsPlot a graph object - methods
pNode-classClass "pNode": A class to plot nodes
Ragraph-classClass "Ragraph": A class to handle libgraph representations
removedEdgesA Function To List Removed Edges
renderGraphRender a laid out graph object
toDot-methodsA Generic For Converting Objects To Dot
toFileRender a graph in a file with given format
xyPoint-classClass "xyPoint": A class to represent a X/Y coordinate.
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