pieGlyph: A function to plot pie graphs as a glyph

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This function allows the user to plot a pie graph at a specified x/y location in a plotting region.


pieGlyph(x, xpos, ypos, labels = names(x), edges = 200, radius = 0.8, density = NULL, angle = 45, col = NULL, border = NULL, lty = NULL, main = NULL, ...)



The x location of the glyph


The Y location of the glyph


a vector of positive quantities. The values in x are displayed as the areas of pie slices.


a vector of character strings giving names for the slices. For empty or NA labels, no pointing line is drawn either.


the circular outline of the pie is approximated by a polygon with this many edges.


the pie is drawn centered in a square box whose sides range from -1 to 1. If the character strings labeling the slices are long it may be necessary to use a smaller radius.


the density of shading lines, in lines per inch. The default value of NULL means that no shading lines are drawn. Non-positive values of density also inhibit the drawing of shading lines.


the slope of shading lines, given as an angle in degrees (counter-clockwise).


a vector of colors to be used in filling or shading the slices. If missing a set of 6 pastel colours is used, unless density is specified when par("fg") is used.

border, lty

(possibly vectors) arguments passed to polygon which draws each slice.


an overall title for the plot.


graphical parameters can be given as arguments to pie. They will affect the main title and labels only.


R. Gentleman, F. Sim

See Also



   plot(1:10, col="white")
   pieGlyph(1:20, 5, 5)

Example output

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