Man pages for SIMAT
GC-SIM-MS data processing and alaysis tool

getEICGet the EIC of a peak
getPeakGet all peaks corresponding to targets in several runs
getPeakScoreCalculate the similarity score for all peaks
getRIGenerate a calibration function
getRIStandardGet the RI standard information
getScoreCalculate similarity score for a peak
getTargetGet target information
getTargetTableGet target table information
LibraryExtracted compound information from an MSL library.
optFragFragment selection through optimization
plotEICPlotting EIC of one peak
plotTICPlotting TIC of one run
putTargetTablePut target table information
readCDFRead raw mass spectrometry data in netCDF files
readMSLRead mass spectral library (MSL) files
RItableExtracted RI standard information from a 'csv' file.
RunExtracted peaks from one SIM run.
SIMAT-packageThis package is for processing GC-SIM-MS data
TargetsTargets information in a list.
target.tableExtracted target information from a 'csv' file.
writeMSLWrite targets information into a file with mass spectral...
writeResultWrite analysis results to file.
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