Man pages for SSPA
General Sample Size and Power Analysis for Microarray and Next-Generation Sequencing Data

cornerLcurveFind corner L-curve
cornerScurveFind corner S-curve
dbitriDensity function for a bi-triangular random variable.
deconvolutiondeconvolution estimator using fft
deepSAGETest statistics derived from a deepSAGE experiment
findrootbisection method for finding ustar
midpointMidpoint rule for numerical integration.
nncgNon-negative conjugate gradient algorithm
NutrigenomicsTest statistics from a Nutrigenomics gene expression...
pbitriDistribution function for a bi-triangular random variable.
pilotDataUser friendly interface to class "PilotData"
predictpowerPredict power for given vector of sample sizes
qbitriQuantile function for a bi-triangular random variable.
rbitriRandom generation of bitriangular distributed values.
regularizationFind optimal regularization parameter
sampleSizeUser friendly interface to class 'SampleSize'
show-methodsGeneral show method for Classes PilotData and SampleSize
simdatGenerate simulated microarray data using the bitriangular...
simpsonSimpson's rule for numrical integration.
standardformTransform to standard from
tikhonovTikhonov regularization
trapezoidalTrapezoidal rule for numrical integration.
trimbinBinning and trimming of the test statistics vector.
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