Man pages for TADCompare
TADCompare: Identification and characterization of differential TADs

ConsensusTADsConsensus boundary identification
DiffPlotVisualization of differential TAD boundaries
GM12878.40kb.raw.chr2A subset of chomosome 2 contact matrix, GM12878 cell line.
IMR90.40kb.raw.chr2A subset of chomosome 2 contact matrix, IMR90 cell line.
rao_chr22_primChromosome 22 combined intrachromosomal primary contact...
rao_chr22_repChromosome 22 combined intrachromosomal replicate contact...
TADCompareDifferential TAD boundary detection
TimeCompareTime-varying TAD boundary analysis
time_matsChromosome 22 time-varying contact matrices from Rao et al....
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