Man pages for TEQC
Quality control for target capture experiments

chrom.barplotReads per chromosome barplot
coverage.correlationCoverage correlation plot
coverage.densityCoverage density plot
coverage.GCBait coverage versus GC content plot
coverage.histCoverage histogram
coverage.plotCoverage versus base position plot
coverage.targetCalculates read coverage
coverage.targetlength.plotNumber of reads or average coverage versus target length...
coverage.uniformityCoverage uniformity plot
covered.kTarget capture sensitivity
duplicates.barplotRead duplicates barplot
fraction.reads.targetTarget capture specificity
fraction.targetFraction of the target within the genome
get.baitsRead capture hybridization probe positions
get.readsRead genomic positions of sequencing data
get.targetsRead capture target positions
insert.size.histInsert sizes histogram
make.wigfilesCreates wiggle files with per-base coverages
multiTEQCreportCreates an html report for multiple samples
reads2pairsMerges reads to read pairs
readsPerTargetNumbers of reads per target
TEQCreportCreates an html report
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