Changes VERSION 2.27.0


o (2.27.1) Fix bug when selecting column GENEID. The mapping mapped both
GENEID and ENTREZ_GENE to P_ENTREZGENE. When returning columsn used match to
identify but would only pick up first match which was ENTREZ_GENE entry.

Changes VERSION 1.2.0


o creates an object that talks directly to the web
services at UniProt.  As such, it provides access to a tremendous
library of IDs etc. directly from UniProt.

o When the package loads there will be acces to a
object, this object has select, keys, cols and keytypes methods
that behave the way these methods normally do for the other
annotation packages.

o One important difference from other packages is that the user
must use the species method to set the species to their organism
of choice (by default it is set for humans).  This is because the
web resource is too big to return values for all these species at
the same time.  Uniprot currently has support for over 21,000
different species.

o Please see the manual pages and associated vignette for more
detailed information about how to use this resource.

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