Man pages for XVector
Representation and manipulation of external sequences

compact-methodsObject compaction
intra-range-methodsIntra range transformations of an XVectorList object
OnDiskRaw-classOnDiskRaw objects
reverse-methodsReverse an XVector or XVectorList object
slice-methodsSlice an XInteger or XDouble object
updateObject-methodsUpdate an object of a class defined in the XVector package to...
view-summarization-methodsSummarize views on an XInteger or XDouble object
XDoubleViews-classThe XDoubleViews class
XIntegerViews-classThe XIntegerViews class
XRawList-classXRawList objects
XRawList-comparisonComparing and ordering the list elements of XRawList objects
XVector-classXVector objects
XVector-internalsXVector internals
XVectorList-classXVectorList objects
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