affyILM: Linear Model of background subtraction and the Langmuir isotherm

affyILM is a preprocessing tool which estimates gene expression levels for Affymetrix Gene Chips. Input from physical chemistry is employed to first background subtract intensities before calculating concentrations on behalf of the Langmuir model.

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AuthorK. Myriam Kroll, Fabrice Berger, Gerard Barkema, Enrico Carlon
Bioconductor views Microarray OneChannel Preprocessing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerMyriam Kroll and Fabrice Berger <>
LicenseGPL version 3

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getExprSummary Man page
getExprSummary,ILM,character-method Man page
getExprSummary,ILM-method Man page
getExprSummary,ILM,missing-method Man page
getExprSummary-methods Man page
getIntens Man page
getIntens,ILM,character-method Man page
getIntens,ILM-method Man page
getIntens,ILM,missing-method Man page
getIntens-methods Man page
getProbeConcs Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM,character-method Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM-method Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM,missing-method Man page
getProbeConcs-methods Man page
getSDSummary Man page
getSDSummary,ILM,character-method Man page
getSDSummary,ILM-method Man page
getSDSummary,ILM,missing-method Man page
getSDSummary-methods Man page
ilm Man page
ILM Man page
ILM-class Man page
[,ILM-method Man page
plotILM Man page
plotILM,ILM,character-method Man page
plotILM,ILM-method Man page
plotILM,ILM,missing-method Man page
plotIntens Man page
plotIntens,ILM,character-method Man page
plotIntens,ILM-method Man page
plotIntens,ILM,missing-method Man page
show Man page
show,ILM-method Man page


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