Man pages for biocViews
Categorized views of R package repositories

BiocView-classClass "BiocView"
biocViews-packageCategorized views of R package repositories
biocViewsVocabBioconductor Task Views Vocabulary Data
extractManualsExtract Rd man pages and build pdf reference manuals from...
extractNEWSExtract NEWS files from source package tarballs
extractTopLevelFilesExtract files from the top level of source package tarballs
extractVignettesExtract pdf vignettes from local package repository
genReposControlFilesGenerate CRAN-style repository control files
getBiocSubViewsBuild a list of BiocView objects from a package repository
getBiocViewsBuild a list of BiocView objects from a package repository
getCurrentbiocViewsGet a list of biocViews for each branch
getPackageNEWSRetrieve and print package NEWS
getPacksAndViewsParse VIEWS file for views and packages
getSubTermsRetrieve a term and its children from a vocab DAG
guessPackageTypeGuess Package Type (Software, ExperimentData, AnnotationData)...
htmlDocCreate a complete HTML document representation of an object
htmlFilenameReturn a filename for an object's HTML representation
Htmlized-classClass "Htmlized"
htmlValueHTML Representation of an Object
PackageDetail-classClass "PackageDetail"
recommendBiocViewsRecommend biocViews for an existing Package.
recommendPackagesRecommend Packages using existing biocViews.
RepositoryDetail-classClass "RepositoryDetail"
validation_testsValidate a package's biocViews.
writeBiocViewsWrite a list of BiocView objects to HTML
writeHtmlDocWrite an XML DOM containing HTML to a file
writePackageDetailHtmlWrite HTML files for packages in a CRAN-style repository
write_REPOSITORYWrite a REPOSITORY control file for a CRAN-style package...
writeRepositoryHtmlWrite package descriptions and a repository index as HTML
writeRFilesFromVignettesWrite R files from vignettes
write_SYMBOLSWrite a SYMBOLS file
writeTopLevelViewWrite the view for the root of a vocabulary to disk
write_VIEWSWrite a VIEWS control file for a CRAN-style package...
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