Man pages for cliqueMS
Annotation of Isotopes, Adducts and Fragmentation Adducts for in-Source LC/MS Metabolomics Data

anClique'anClique' class constructor
anClique-class'anClique' S4 class for annotating isotopes and adducts
cliqueMS'cliqueMS' annotates isotopes and adducts in m/z data
computeCliquesComputes clique groups from a similarity network
createanClique'createanClique' generic function to create an object of...
createNetworkGeneric function to create a similarity network from...
ex.cliqueGroupsExample m/z processed data
getAnnotationAnnotate adducts and fragments
getCliquesCompute clique groups from processed m/z data
getIsotopesAnnotate isotopes
negative.adinfoDefault list of negative charged adducts
positive.adinfoDefault list of positive charged adducts
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