API for cliqueMS
Annotation of Isotopes, Adducts and Fragmentation Adducts for in-Source LC/MS Metabolomics Data

Global functions
addIso2peaklist Source code
addIsoAnnotation Source code
anClique Man page Source code
anClique-class Man page
checkadinfo Source code
cliqueMS Man page
cliqueMS-package Man page
computeCliques Man page Source code
computelistofIsoTable Source code
correctGrade Source code
createNetwork Man page
createNetwork,XCMSnExp-method Man page
createNetwork,xcmsSet-method Man page
createanClique Man page
createanClique,XCMSnExp-method Man page
createanClique,xcmsSet-method Man page
defineEIC Source code
ex.cliqueGroups Man page
filterCharge Source code
filterFeatures Source code
filterInlinks Source code
filterIso Source code
filterOutlinks Source code
getAnnotation Man page Source code
getCliques Man page Source code
getIsoCharge Source code
getIsolistanClique Man page
getIsolistanClique,anClique-method Man page
getIsolistanClique<- Man page
getIsolistanClique<-,anClique-method Man page
getIsotopes Man page Source code
getNetanClique Man page
getNetanClique,anClique-method Man page
getNetanClique<- Man page
getNetanClique<-,anClique-method Man page
getPeaklistanClique Man page
getPeaklistanClique,anClique-method Man page
getPeaklistanClique<- Man page
getPeaklistanClique<-,anClique-method Man page
getlistofCliques Man page
getlistofCliques,anClique-method Man page
getlistofCliques<- Man page
getlistofCliques<-,anClique-method Man page
hasAnnotation Man page
hasAnnotation,anClique-method Man page
hasAnnotation<- Man page
hasAnnotation<-,anClique-method Man page
hasCliques Man page
hasCliques,anClique-method Man page
hasCliques<- Man page
hasCliques<-,anClique-method Man page
hasIsotopes Man page
hasIsotopes,anClique-method Man page
hasIsotopes<- Man page
hasIsotopes<-,anClique-method Man page
isoGrade Source code
isonetAttributes Source code
isotopeAnnotation Source code
nato0 Source code
negative.adinfo Man page
positive.adinfo Man page
returnAnnotation Source code
returnCliques Source code
returnIsotopes Source code
show,anClique-method Man page
similarFeatures Source code
transformAnnotation Source code
updateCliques Source code
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