API for consensusSeekeR
Detection of consensus regions inside a group of experiences using genomic positions and genomic ranges

Global functions
A549_CTCF_MYJ_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_CTCF_MYJ_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_CTCF_MYN_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_CTCF_MYN_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_FOSL2_01_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_FOSL2_01_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_FOXA1_01_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_FOXA1_01_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFQ_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFQ_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFR_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFR_Peaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFS_NarrowPeaks_partial Man page
A549_NR3C1_CFS_Peaks_partial Man page
NOrMAL_nucleosome_positions Man page
NOrMAL_nucleosome_ranges Man page
NucPosSimulator_nucleosome_positions Man page
NucPosSimulator_nucleosome_ranges Man page
PING_nucleosome_positions Man page
PING_nucleosome_ranges Man page
consensusSeekeR Man page
consensusSeekeR-package Man page
findConsensusPeakRegions Man page Source code
findConsensusPeakRegionsForOneChrom Man page Source code
findConsensusPeakRegionsValidation Man page Source code
isInteger Man page Source code
readNarrowPeakFile Man page Source code
refineRegion Man page Source code
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