Man pages for diffHic
Differential Analyis of Hi-C Data

annotatePairsAnnotate bin pairs
boxPairsPut bin pairs into boxes
clusterPairsCluster bin pairs
compartmentalizeIdentify genomic compartments
connectCountsCount connecting read pairs
consolidatePairsConsolidate results for interactions
correctedContactIterative correction of Hi-C counts
cutGenomeCut up the genome
diClustersCluster significant bin pairs to DIs
diffHicUsersGuideView diffHic user's guide
DNaseHiCMethods for processing DNase Hi-C data
domainDirectionsCalculate domain directionality
enrichedPairsCollect local enrichment statistics for bin pairs
extractPatchExtract a patch of the interaction space
filterDiagFiltering of diagonal bin pairs
filterPeaksFilter bin pairs for likely peaks
filtersFiltering strategies for bin pairs
getAreaGet interaction area
getPairDataGet read pair data
loadDataLoad data from an index file
marginCountsCollect marginal counts for each bin
mergeCMsMerge ContactMatrix objects
mergePairsMerge read pairs
neighborCountsLoad Hi-C interaction counts
normalizeCNVNormalize CNV biases
pairParampairParam class and methods
plotDIConstruct a plaid plot of differential interactions
plotPlaidConstruct a plaid plot of interactions
preparePairsPrepare Hi-C pairs
prunePairsPrune read pairs
readMTX2IntSetCreate an InteractionSet from a BED file and Matrix Market...
savePairsSave Hi-C read pairs
squareCountsLoad Hi-C interaction counts
totalCountsGet the total counts
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