Man pages for diffuStats
Diffusion scores on biological networks

checksSanity checks for input
connect_undirected_graphFunction to connect a non connected graph
convertSparseS4 sparse matrix to arma::sp_mat
default_graph_paramGenerate data.frame with default vertex attributes
diffuseDiffuse scores on a network
diffuse_mcCompute the heatrank using permutations
diffuse_rawDiffuse scores on a network
diffuStatsdiffuStats: an R package to compute and benchmark diffusion...
generate_graphGenerate a random graph
generate_inputGenerate a random input for graph diffusion
graph_toyToy graph to play with diffusion
is_kernelCheck if a matrix is a valid kernel
kernelsCompute graph kernels
largest_ccLargest connected component
metric_aucCompute the area under the curves (ROC, PRC)
named.listCreate a named list
ParallelHeatrankCompute heatrank in parallel
perfCompare diffusions to a target score on a grid of parameters
perf_evalCompute performance of diffusion scores on a single case
perf_wilcoxCompute column-wise statistics in a performance matrix
scores2coloursTranslate values into colours
scores2shapesTranslate values into shapes
serialHeatrankCompute heatrank for a single case
sparsify2Sparsify arma::mat into arma::sp_mat
to_listConvert input to list format
to_x_from_listConvert list format to desired format
which_formatIn which format is the input?
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