Identify likely duplicate samples from genomic or meta-data


The main function is doppelgangR(), which takes as minimal input a list of ExpressionSet object, and searches all list pairs for duplicated samples. The search is based on the genomic data (exprs(eset)), phenotype/clinical data (pData(eset)), and "smoking guns" - supposedly unique identifiers found in pData(eset).


The DESCRIPTION file: \Sexpr[results=rd,stage=build]{tools:::Rd_package_DESCRIPTION("doppelgangR")} \Sexpr[results=rd,stage=build]{tools:::Rd_package_indices("doppelgangR")}


Levi Waldron, Markus Riester, Marcel Ramos

Maintainer: \Sexpr[results=rd,stage=build]{tools:::Rd_package_maintainer("doppelgangR")}

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