Man pages for eegc
Engineering Evaluation by Gene Categorization (eegc)

barplotEnrichBarplot the enrichResult
cate.geneCategorized genes
categorizeGeneGene Categorization
cate.ratioExpression Difference ratios of categorized genes
densityPlotQuantify Genes and Corresponding ED ratios in Each Category
diffGeneGene Expression Differential Analysis
diffgene.genesDifferential genes for three comparisons
dotPercentagePercentage Calculation and Visualization
enrichmentEnrichment Analysis by Hypergeometric Distribution Test
expr.filterFiltered expression data
functionEnrichFuntional Enrichment Analysis
goenrichGO enrichment results
grnPlotGene Regulatory Network Plot
heatmapPlotHeatmap Plot of Enriched Terms
human.geneGene regulatory network based human cell/tissue-specific gene...
human.grnHuman cell/tissue-specific gene-gene regulation
human.tfGene regulatory network based human cell/tissue-specific...
markersMarker genes
markerScatterScatter Plot for Gene Expression
mouse.geneGene regulatory network based mouse cell/tissue-specific gene...
mouse.grnMouse cell/tissue-specific gene-gene regulation
mouse.tfGene regulatory network based mouse cell/tissue-specific...
networkAnalyzeNetwork Topological Analysis
SandlerFPKMRNA-seq data in FPKM A data frame containing 16692 gene in 7...
tissueGenesCell/Tissue specific gene sets
tissueGroupTissue mapping to groups
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